Maps inside the book show Sylvie’s lifelines branching like a delta. Some people read the book straight through, not much concerned about where they are on the maps, while others flip back to search out the turning points that sent Sylvie this way or that. Some have read the book a second time in a different order, grouping the chapters according to whether Sylvie is single, with Jack, or with Erik. What was your approach?
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1 year ago

I just finished the book, having read it straight through as written. However, I found myself flipping back and forth to the time-line pages, trying to remember various details of each time-line so I could reorient myself (& Sylvie)…. I actually considered printing out a copy of the time-line “river delta” and making notes on each path! Although, especially after reading the last chapter, the stories of Sylvie made me consider the following thought: Is it actually essential which details go with which time-line? Or is the only truly essential element of each story Sylvie herself. The fact that she… Read more »