If Sylvie Had Nine Lives

by Leona Theis

January 10 – January 24, 2023

Do you ever look back and wonder, What if…?

Meet Sylvie — funny, sly, sensual and flawed. She can’t always count on herself to make good choices. Like all of us, Sylvie must make decisions that have reverberations for years to come. Unlike the rest of us, Sylvie gets to live more than one life.

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Leona Theis is a Canadian author whose novel-in-stories, If Sylvie Had Nine Lives, follows a woman through nine parallel lives over a span of forty years. Sylvie is funny, sly, sensual and flawed. Why nine lives? Because, for Sylvie, one is never enough.

Leona’s first book, “Sightlines,” received the Saskatchewan Fiction Award and the Saskatoon Book Award. Portions of her novel “The Art of Salvage” were shortlisted for awards on both the east and west coasts of Canada. Her creative nonfiction “The Occupations of Muriel Thompson” based on her mother’s life and death, won the well regarded CBC Literary Award (an award for which her work has been shortlisted three additional times).

Her favourite places to write are a cabin in the boreal forest (in summer) and (in winter) a century-old Benedictine monastery on the Prairie where chickadees and nuthatches will eat nuts and seeds from the palm of her hand, and where she can sometimes be found sleeping in a quinzhee.

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