Once Lost

Once Lost

by Ber Carroll

7 – 21 September, 2017

Are some things better left unfound?

Best friends Louise and Emma grew up next door to each other in a grim inner-city suburb of Dublin.

Now Louise, an art conservator, is thousands of miles away in Sydney, restoring a beautiful old painting. She meets Dan, whose family welcome her as one of their own, but she will always feel lost until she finds her mother who walked out when she was just eight years old.

Back in Dublin, Emma is stuck in a job where she is under-appreciated and underpaid, but her biggest worry is her ex-partner, Jamie. Emma has lost so much because of Jamie: her innocence, her reputation, almost her life. Now she is at risk of losing Isla, her young daughter.

So where is Louise’s mother? Will Emma ever be free of her ex? Both women frantically search for answers, but when the truth finally emerges it is more shattering than they had ever expected.

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Ber Carroll was born in Blarney, County Cork, and moved to Australia in 1995. Ber spent a great deal of her childhood with her head stuck in a book, and her siblings used to complain that she was never around when there were chores to be done. Ber’s early career was in finance, and in fact it was her office environment that inspired her first novel, Executive Affair. Once Ber started writing books, she found – much like reading – she couldn’t stop. Incidentally, Ber is short for Bernadette (her mother calls her Bernadette when she’s in trouble for something … which is quite often).